Pastoral Societies Seek Place Amid Change (VOA)
December 24, 2013. Kiserian, Kenya- Pastoralist communities around the world often live at the margins of modern day states, but pastoralist leaders maintain that their traditional livelihoods are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Kenya's Cycling Team Aims to Be as Famous as Its Runners (VOA)
November 1, 2013. Iten, Kenya- Kenya has long been known for its distance runners. But now its national cycling team is quickly gaining a reputation on the continent. The small town of Iten, Kenya, perched nearly 2,500 meters above sea level, has new athletes on the road.

Rwandan Parliament's Female Majority Focuses on Equality (VOA)
September 26, 2013. Kigali, Rwanda- Rwandans once again voted in a female majority parliament in last week’s elections, directly electing 26 women in addition to the 24 seats reserved for females in the constitution. Women now hold an unprecedented 64 percent of seats in Rwanda’s parliament, more than any another country in the world.

Nairobi Mall Death Toll Expected to Rise (VOA)
September 25, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- Five days after terrorists laid siege to a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenyans await the final count of fatalities, as forensic teams search through the rubble.

Kenya's Geothermal Industry Grows (VOA)
June 29, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- With Kenya's proximity to the Great Rift, once a hotbed of volcanic activity, the country is the biggest producer of geothermal energy on the continent. Currently 13 percent of the national grid is powered by this renewable energy, but untapped geothermal fields have the potential to cover all of Kenya's power needs, and then some.

Mau Mau Veterans in Kenya Expect Impending Settlement (VOA)
May 18, 2013. Mogadishu, Somalia- Thousands of elderly Kenyans are awaiting reparations for colonial-era abuses as their lawyers enter the final stages of negotiations with the British Foreign Office.

Somalia Seeks Support at London Conference (VOA)
May 7, 2013. Mogadishu, Somalia- British Prime Minister David Cameron and Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud began a conference on the reconstruction of Somalia Monday, seeking international support for the country as it emerges from two decades of civil war. Back in Mogadishu, residents are rebuilding their city, amid lingering insecurity.

Somalia Hospitals See Fewer War Victims (VOA)
April 29, 2013. Mogadishu, Somalia- As security improves in Mogadishu and much of south central Somalia, hospitals are seeing fewer victims of violence than before. Doctors say more and more patients come in for elective surgeries and to seek treatment for "normal" illnesses.

Britain Re-opens Embassy in Somalia (VOA)
April 25, 2013. Mogadishu, Somalia- British Foreign Secretary William Hague flew to Mogadishu on Thursday to re-open the British Embassy - making his country the first Western nation to resume a permanent diplomatic presence in Somalia in 22 years.

Kenya court ruling confirms Kenyatta victor (Al Jazeera)
March 31, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- But the East African nation's new president will face another trial this summer at the International Criminal Court.

Rejected Votes in Kenya Spur Controversy (VOA)
March 6, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- Vote counting from Kenya's presidential election continued Wednesday as officers of the independent electoral commission delivered ballots from around the country to the national tally center in Nairobi. Debate now surrounds what to do with rejected votes, a decision that could determine whether someone wins in the first round.

In Pictures: Kenya votes (Al Jazeera)
March 5, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- Kenyans voted in large numbers in the first election since a disputed 2007 poll unleashed weeks of tribal bloodshed.

Kenya Election Commission Reports High Turnout (VOA)
March 4, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- Ahmed Issack Hassan, chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), announced late Monday that voter turnout in Kenya’s general election was high and that preliminary results will be digitally relayed in real time.

In Pictures: Final Kenyan poll rallies (Al Jazeera)

March 3, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- Rival alliances held mass rallies in Nairobi before campaigning ended ahead of Monday's vote.

Fear of post-poll violence hangs over Kenyan businesses (RFI)
March 1, 2013. Kisumu, Kenya- Kenyans are voting on Monday but some are casting a nervous look over the shoulder at the violence that followed the 2007 election. Some residents of the town of Kisumu fear a repeat of the looting and arson that followed the announcement of results back then.

In Pictures: Kenya poll run-up (Al Jazeera)

March 1, 2013 Nairobi, Kenya- Fearing a return of violence after the upcoming election, Kenyans are fleeing the cities for safer grounds.

Ethnic tensions simmer in Kisumu ahead of Kenya's elections (RFI)
February 28, 2013. Kisumu, Kenya- Although Kisumu is a cosmopolitan lakeside city in western Kenya, there are fears it could be a hotspot for violence in the country's upcoming elections. Thousands of people from minority communities in Kisumu were the victims of targeted violence and looting during post election violence at the end of 2007 and early 2008.

Ahead of Kenyan Elections, Some Take Precautions (VOA)
February 28, 2013. Kisumu, Kenya- Fearing violence connected to Kenya's March 4 election, many in the hotspot of Kibera are leaving for their ancestral homelands in western regions of the country.

Shadow of Kenya's election violence hangs over Nairobi slum (RFI)
February 27, 2013. Kisumu, Kenya- Many residents of Nairobi's biggest slum, Kibera, are heading out of town before Kenya's 4 March elections. The violence that followed 2007's election claimed 140 lives there and 1,000 nationwide.

Kenya's local language radios monitored for hate-speech ahead of elections (RFI)
February 26, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- During the post-election crisis in Kenya at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008, several radio stations which operate in local languages broadcast comments inciting the violence which left over 1,000 people dead. This time around, the government has created a commission to monitor the media, which has revealed dozens of examples of speech to be investigated.

Social media plays critical role in Kenya's upcoming elections (RFI)
February 25, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- Social media is playing a critical role in Kenya's upcoming elections. Umati is a web-based monitoring project scanning twitter, blogs, and Facebook for incidents of hate speech... in seven different Kenyan languages. Uchaguzi, a crowd-sourcing website, is relying on tens of thousands of Kenyan citizen journalists to monitor the elections and map incidents of violence.

Kenya Cracks Down on Hate Speech Before Elections (VOA)
February 23, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya- During the 2007/2008 post-election crisis and violence in Kenya, hate speech on native language radio stations and online fanned ethnic tensions. This time around, the government is heavily monitoring the media and is threatening prosecution.

Uncertain future for US towns built on coal (Al Jazeera)
January 30, 2013. Welch, West Virginia- Appalachian coal producers worry about new environmental laws as poverty and pollution rise in some mining regions.

Somali Pirate Attacks Plummet in 2012 (VOA)
December 6, 2012. Mombasa, Kenya- Attacks by Somali pirates have fallen dramatically in 2012, a development chalked up to multi-national naval efforts, increased security measures by ships, and developments on land in Somalia.

Kenya police face 'summary killing' claims (Al Jazeera)
November 25, 2012. Mombasa, Kenya -Critics say the global 'war on terror' has legalised a culture of impunity among the country's police forces.

Police Raids Alienate Kenya's Largest Ethnic Minority (VOA)
November 23, 2012. Nairobi, Kenya -Frequent grenade and bomb attacks have plagued Kenya ever since it invaded Somalia in October of last year. The government blames al-Shabab for the insecurity, and Kenyan police have responded by conducting regular sweeps of Nairobi's predominantly ethnic-Somali suburb of Eastleigh, searching for supporters of the Islamist group.

Anti-Terror Operations Stoke Religious Tension in Kenya (VOA)
November 18, 2012. Mombasa, Kenya - In Kenya’s second largest city, Mombasa, a string of alleged extrajudicial killings and disappearances of suspected terrorists has raised tensions between the police and the Muslim community.

MRC Chairman Released From Kenya Prison (VOA)
November 15, 2012. Mombasa, Kenya - The secessionist leaders have been in the Shimo la Tewa prison since October 15, when Kenyan police conducted an operation arresting 38 alleged MRC members.

Kenya Introduces Biometrics for Voter Registration (VOA)
November 10, 2012. Mombasa, Kenya - This week, nearly 1,000 Kenyan election commission officials received training in the use of new biometric voter registration kits. Biometric voter registration uses fingerprints and facial features to uniquely identify each voter.

Threats fail to deter young Somali reporters (Al Jazeera)
October 13, 2012. Nairobi, Kenya - Somalia is the most dangerous country in Africa for journalists, but refugees learning in Kenya vow a return to report.

Defying Danger: Somali Refugees Flock to Journalism School (VOA)
October 10, 2012. Nairobi, Kenya -Al-Imra Institute of Languages and Journalism in Nairobi trains young Somali refugees who aspire to become journalists.

Mau Mau Ruling Sets Legal Precedent (VOA)
October 8, 2012. NAIROBI, KENYA — A British High Court ruling that colonial atrocities in Kenya are not bound by a time limit has a legal precedent. British High Court Justice Richard McCombe ruled last Friday that Britain's Foreign Office must face a lawsuit filed by Kenyans who were tortured during the final days of British colonial rule.

Britain's brutal rule in Kenya on the docks (Al Jazeera)
October 6, 2012. Nairobi, Kenya - Decades-old struggle for justice over crackdown on Kenyan rebellion goes to court, opening retribution's door.

Kenya tribal killings stain Tana River (Al Jazeera)
September 21, 2012. Kilelengwani, Kenya — Spate of attacks in eastern region has left 110 dead, raising questions as to who is stoking the fire.

Kenyan Troops Try to Keep Peace in Tana River (VOA)
September 17, 2012. KILELENGWANI, KENYA — Thousands have fled violence that claimed more than 100 lives in August and September in Kenya’s Tana River District. One-thousand paramilitary troops have been deployed to keep a tenuous peace between the Pokomo and Orma communities.

Struggling to emerge from al-Shabab's shadow (Al Jazeera)
September 11, 2012. Baidoa/Ras Kamboni, Somalia — The Somali capital is recovering from decades of factional fighting, but those outside Mogadishu still suffer.

Kenya Tensions Ease Following Riots Over Cleric Assassination (VOA)
August 31, 2012. NAIROBI — Security has been restored in the Kenyan city of Mombasa after heavy rioting early this week. On Monday, the assassination of Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo Mohamed triggered the protests, but analysts believe the perceived marginalization of coastal communities underlie the unrest.

Riots put Mombasa on Kenyan election agenda (RFI)
August 29, 2012. Nairobi —Riots erupted in Mombasa, Kenya this week after the assassination of a Muslim cleric with ties to al-Shebab. Analysts believe the rising tension along the coast could make the region a flashpoint in Kenya's upcoming election. The Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) is a popular movement calling for secession from Kenya.

Somalis in Baidoa Expect More from New Government (VOA)
August 24, 2012. BAIDOA — Earlier this week, a new parliament was installed in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu. Meanwhile in the smaller city of Baidoa, a city liberated from al-Shabab militants in February, Ethiopian forces are handing over control to African Union and Somali forces.

Young Kenyan Artists Face Tough Market (VOA)
August 21, 2012. NAIROBI — Contemporary art in Kenya is facing challenges. Art education in schools is lacking, and the art market, dominated by tourists and expatriates, tends to stifle experimentation.

Murdered Somali Journalist Remembered (VOA)
August 11 2012. NAIROBI — Representatives of Somali media gathered in a Nairobi suburb on Saturday to honor the late Somali journalist Ali Shamarke, assassinated by al-Shabab militants five years ago.

Torture allegations during British rule in Kenya (RFI)
July 31 2012. A court in London has finished hearing evidence in a case brought by three Kenyans who say they were tortured by representatives of the British administration during the colonial era.

Mau Mau Torture Hearing Concludes in London (VOA)
July 28 2012. LONDON — Britain's High Court has wrapped up a hearing on whether a case involving torture in colonial-era Kenya can go to trial.

Somali villagers struggle to survive under Kenyan control (RFI)
July 20 2012. Residents of Bur Gabo and Ras Kamboni, two seaside Somali towns, used to rely on fishing and charcoal as their primary sources of income. This changed last October when the Kenyan military invaded Somalia and took control of the area from al-Shebab militants.

Moving towards Kismayo, al Shebab's last major stronghold (RFI)
July 19 2012. The Ethiopian military, Kenyan defense forces, Amisom troops, and several TFG-aligned Somali militias have secured much of South Central Somalia from al-Shebab. As military preparations are made to seize Kismayo, the Islamist insurgents’ last stronghold, the political aftermath remains unclear. With the lucrative port up for grabs, a liberated Kismayo could test the uneasy alliance between various Somali factions.

Operating theatre opens in Somali village once run by Al Shebab (RFI)
July 12 2012. Last week a World Heath Organisation mission established an operating theatre in the Somali coastal village of Ras Kamboni. The village, which is just across the Kenyan border, was captured from the Al Shebab militia last October by the Kenyan military and the Ras Kamboni Brigade.

Charcoal Ban in Somalia Impacts Struggling Local Economies (VOA)
July 11 2012. BUR GABO, Somalia - A February United Nations resolution banned charcoal exports from Somalia, claiming the trade provides revenue to the al-Qaida-linked-al-Shabab militants and contributes to deforestation. However in parts of the lower Juba region now under the control of the Kenyan military and Ras Kamboni militia, the embargo has depressed local economies and no alternative livelihoods have emerged.

Aid Slow to Reach Somali Region Free of al-Shabab (VOA)
July 10 2012. RAS KAMBONI — In this Somali seaside village, the former headquarters of insurgent group al-Shabab is being converted into a hospital.

South Sudan’s First Year of Independence Mired in Conflict (VOA)
July 4 2012. Next Monday, South Sudan will celebrate its first year of independence. Many challenges face the young nation, including an ill-defined and violent border with Sudan, internal conflicts in the Greater Upper Nile region, and a looming economic crisis.

Gunmen Attack Churches in Northeast Kenya (VOA)
July 1 2012. On Sunday, gunmen attacked two churches in Garissa, a city in northeastern Kenya. At least 17 people were killed, and more than 40 wounded.

US Embassy in Nairobi Hosts Gay Pride Event (VOA)
June 26 2012. On Tuesday, the U.S. embassy in Kenya's capital hosted a gay pride event, believed to be the first of its kind in the country. The event is as part of the Obama administration’s policy to fight prejudice against lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Report: In Burundi, Scores of Extrajudicial Killings (VOA)
May 3 2012. Human Rights Watch (HRW) released an 81-page report on Wednesday in the capital, Bujumbura, documenting scores of killings by state agents and rebel groups.

Dozens Killed in Burundi Political Violence (RFI)
May 2 2012. Human Rights Watch has released a report detailing the scores of killings that have occurred in Burundi since the elections in 2010.

Somali Film Company Launches in Kenya (VOA)
April 24 2012. In the Somali neighborhood of Eastleigh, in the eastern suburbs of Nairobi, two businessmen have launched a Somali film production company called Eastleighwood.

Burundi Refugees Return to Land Disputes (RFI)
April 20 2012. Refugees, who have spent decades in exile after fleeing civil war in Burundi, are returning to their native country to find themselves caught up in land disputes.

Burundi Faces Growing Unrest (CNN)
April 17 2012. A small Great Lakes country of eight million people, Burundi is almost always overshadowed by its neighbor to the north, Rwanda. Both countries emerged from catastrophic civil wars, but Rwanda has taken off under the charismatic leadership of Paul Kagame while Burundi remains one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Burundi Receives Negative Business Climate Reviews (VOA)
April 11 2012. The World Bank, in its annual Doing Business in East Africa report, says the environment in Burundi is improving, but it could learn from some stronger economies in the region.

So Many Mouths to Feed: Addressing High Fertility in Famine-Stricken Somalia (UNFPA)
April 2 2012. In Dabke camp for internally displaced persons in Mogadishu, Muno Abukar shares a tent with her eight children.

Lion Story - Political Resistance in Burundi (RFI)
April 2 2012. Lion Story, a reggae band and one of the most popular music groups in Burundi, articulate the growing frustration of Burundians today.

Burundi Unions Threaten Strikes as Cost of Water, Electricity Skyrockets (VOA)
March 21 2012. Labor unions in Burundi are threatening a countrywide strike next week unless the government controls the skyrocketing costs of water and electricity.

Port Project a Possible Threat to Lamu Culture (RFI)
March 7 2012. On March 2nd, several African heads of state travelled to Lamu in Northeastern Kenya for the groundbreaking ceremony of a multi-billion dollar port project.

Maternal Health Poses Another Major Challenge for Somalia (VOA)
January 7 2012. Two decades of civil war in Somalia have made the country one of the most dangerous places in the world for a woman to give birth.

In Mogadishu, Nothing is Simple (UNFPA)
January 5 2012. Medina Hospital, one of Mogadishu’s two major hospitals, sits in a spacious compound in the western part of the capital.

Tuning Careers: An Evening with Sauti Academy Singers (The Star- Kenya)
November 24 2011. Sitting in the audience of Sauti Academy’s graduation concert at Alliance Francaise last Friday night, I felt privy to the beginnings of big careers.

Born of Love, A visit to Eunice Wadu’s exhibition at Gallery Watatu (The Star- Kenya)
November 22 2011. There is a town called Ngecha, just past Runga, where the people are known to draw.

Iraqi Kurds grateful for U.S. presence (Sunday Gazette Mail- West Virginia)
September 3 2011. Portraits of George W. Bush hang in homes next to those of Masoud Barzani, the current president of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, and Jalal Talabani, the Kurdish president of Iraq.